Pressure Treated Pine: This deck was built as the starting point for county deck services. George and Lisa, related to my uncle Dave Lamontain. As an experienced carpenter I was asked to help George and Lisa build a deck for there home. like many other home owners they were not instrested in the standard home builders design and felt they could do more for the cost the home builder would have charged them. Wise choice.
    George and I sat down and drew plans for this deck on a napkin at his kitchen table. a week later we were under construction. Working for the Saratoga Springs School district I had plenty of time over the school summer vacation to do this. After we had finished, the end result was astonishing, Dave said to me " you know what mark, you should build decks for a living." I took his advice as working to build a business part time fit into my needs for income during the summer months... so there you are DBA. County Deck Services is established the following summer 2006.
Deck Number 1.