One of the largest decks we have done,
    45 feet long by 24 feet wide, over 1000 sqft of Trex accents decking and more then 100 linier feet of Trex designer safety railing, over 100 feet of Aztec fascia and a ton of Pressure Treated lumber.
    Breathtaking, is about all you can say about this additional living space.
    we had several issues regarding the pier construction with a delay in inspection approval and hurricane Iren dropping several inches of rain into an all ready low lying area flooding out the sono tubes and collapsing the pier forms making it nessessary to completly reinstall the forms a 2nd time. eventualy we got them poured and were able to complete this project.
    Home owner plans on incorporating a retaining wall, enlarging the pool patio, relocating the pool fence and applying lattice as an highlight.

 Good Job Guy's !!!