Pressure Treated Pine, Triditional Pressure Treated safety rail and a custom grasping handrail with Gate. Closed fased stairs with a full 2 x 12 tread. 6 x 6 supporting bracketed post and beam construction.
    At the begining phase of construction of this deck I recived a call from YNN news they were doing a story about deck construction and wanted to feature county deck services for there story!
    My wife and her girl friend went so far as to buy a new white T-Shirt and iron on the company name to the back...
    here is a link to the story archives.
I thought it was awesome for YNN to do this for us and thank them for the opertunity.
How ever we no longer have roadrunner as the web site server host as they didnt support php and we needed to use php for other site development. the link still links to an old web site layout to date.